Thursday, September 25, 2008

VOW - Midwest Surfers II Trailer

Crystal Pepsi was the same as regular Pepsi. It just lacked the carmel coloring that the regular stuff used for its soda brown color. Crystal Pepsi faded into obscurity. What does Crystal Pepsi have to do with my choice for Video Of the Week? Nothing. Except that some projects are like defective fireworks- good start but no boom. Midwest Surfers II is my defective Crystal Pepsi firework. It never got finished- except for a trailer set to Dragon Force. It had the best intentions- flips from train bridge, good wake surfing, and longboarding. It didn't have my commitment. That summer I was saving up cash to move to Los Angeles and being a robot for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. No time for video editing.

So with the grandest of takeoffs, here is Midwest Surfers II, the trailer for the video that never was.

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