Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Midwest Surfers III Trailer

The long - awaited - underground - sensation - you've never head of - is now a trilogy.

Midwest Surfers III - Under Siege
Ever time the Adams brothers and I get together we usually are on boards. Surf boards, wake surf boards, wake boards, snow boards, long boards, diving boards, school boards, it doesn't matter - we are down for the cause.

While I studying film production, Chris, Nate, and I shot the original midwest surfers in 2005. We wanted to document our dedication to riding. It was a no pressure shoot. Just being ourselves and having a good time. We broke the video down like our favorite skate and surf videos - giving each of us a section set to music highlighting our best tricks and runs.

Jump to: 2008.
Packing an HD mini cam and more lenses than your optometrist - we reunited the crew in Indiana for some midwest surfing. Funny that I have to fly to Indiana to surf more, considering the Pacific Ocean is within view of my apartment. None the less, enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for the completed short film - Midwest Surfers III.

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