Friday, September 5, 2008

Seattle at 120 MPH

The tachometer hit red line, up shift, the speedometer rushes past 120. The sweeping left hand turn was approaching fast. Down shift. Down shift. Fourth gear. Hold it and hit the apex then accelerate out.

Saying that the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR is fast, is an understatement. Its like a four door, four wheel drive jet.

Riceboytv was fortunate to be invited to the Mitsubishi Lancer Family day in Seattle, Washington and I was excited to meet my date with EVO destiny. In May I was close to buying an EVO- without having ever driven one. The EVO's reputation as a twisted turbo charged sedan precedes it. Driving it on Pacific motor speedway confirms- the EVO is a werewolf in sheep's costume. The only clues to the car's underbelly are the rear fiberglass/carbon!? spoiler and the vented aluminum hood. Minor body pieces and larger wheels are common after market parts these days. The EVO's heart and soul is its turbocharged 2.0 liter engine coupled to a 5 speed (GSR model) or 6 speed twin clutch paddle shift configuration.

These few photos are from my point and shoot, Panasonic LX-2, which shoots 16x9 native and has some great manual controls- including the ability to shoot RAW images.

The event was incredible. With an auto cross, track, and street drive sections to showcase the new Lancer Ralliart, Lancer Evolution GSR, Lancer Evolution MR, and compare all to the base Lancer GSR.

Check back for test drive videos and full video coverage on Rice Boy TV

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