Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Riceboytv Mini Ramp Session & NSX Oil Change

Here is a quick preview of things to come. There will be a short skate video eventually.

Here is the latest from the RBTV service manual series- an oil change on RikDaddy's 1996 Acura NSX. Shooting and editing done by me...enjoy it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Spocom 2008

(Above- right, Ryuji Miki's Mazda RX-7 & left, Pat Mordaunt's Nissan S14)
Spocom 2008. Long Beach Convention Center. What a great show. Riceboytv was out in full force. Representing the website with our tent, driver Pat Mordaunt's S14, and a full junior jib setup to shoot new products. The event coverage goes up Wednesday on the website and well be taking a look at some of the best products of the show. Mad respect to Mike and the guys at Spocom for putting together such a great event- with a good crowd, tons of show car competitors and lots of girls the event needs to go national. The east coast would eat it up.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Riceboytv Connecticut Cannonball

After Formula Drift New Jersey, we hit the pool for a little bit of relaxation before editing all of the footage from the competition. If you know me, you know that I have to be constantly doing something- like jumping off of the landscaping of my CEO's pool surround into his in ground pool. Sorry for the big splash boss...CANNONBALL.

Seriously check out that splash. The torpedo second splash is nasty.

VOW - The Graduation Listening Experience

Kanye West posts on Vimeo. On his blog, Kanye embedded one of his videos featuring a thunderstorm and flood that effected the final night of his "Glow in the Dark" Tour. While scoping his Vimeo page I noticed a track listing and video playlist entitled "the Graduation Album Listening Experience". Interesting. After watching a couple with the attention span of...well me...I found thats his music video director Derek Lee chopped together famous Asian movies as music videos for the entire Graduation album. Impressive. Not only are songs like Flashing Lights incredible by themselves they are strengthened by the mind boggling work of Wong Kar Wai and his film 2046. 2046 is remixed as a music video for Flashing Lights. Chan-wook Park's Oldboy is re-cut to fit Barry Bonds and Akira is cut to the beat of Stronger. Wow.

This is the video of the week for sure and Graduation- in case you have been living with ear plugs in- was the best commercial hip-hop album of 2007.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Formula D New jersey 2008 Video

Formula Drift Round Three Englishtown Raceway 2008 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Check out the rest of riceboytv's coverage. Shot & edited by Will Roegge for Rice Boy TV. Hosted and voice-over by Ricky "RikDaddy" Chu.
Thanks to Tanner Foust, Tyler McQuarrie, Brian Fox, and Formula Drift for their cooperation.
See you drift fans in Las Vegas in July.

Used Car Buying - Nissan 240sx Inspection from Will Roegge on Vimeo.
Here is my 240sx under inspection by Aaron Cassan of the Import Car Doctor.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Formula D Round 3 Results

Here are the results from Formula D Atlanta "The Gauntlet" Round three at Englishtown Raceway Park:

1. Tanner Foust
2. Tyler McQuarrie
3. Rhys Millen

Overall Point Standings after three events:

1. Foust - 259 pts
2. Hubinette - 228 pts
3. Forsberg - 226 pts
4. Yoshihara - 217 pts
5. Takatori - 206 pts
6. Tuerck - 199 pts
7. Millen - 187 pts
8. Gittin, Jr. - 182 pts
9. Grunewald - 173 pts
10. McNamara - 172 pts

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Formula D, Round 3- Englishtown, New Jersey

June 14, 2008 is the third round of the 2008 Formula Drift Series @ Englishtown Raceway Park, New Jersey. In previous years the event has been at the Wall Township Speedway- a banked motor sports track. The Wall closed down at the end of last year's season and forced the event to take place at the new open road course at Englishtown. In Formula D in-car video during testing of the track- driver Ryan Turcek foresees entry speeds of over 100 MPH on the Englishtown course. Considering that he and Vaughn Gittin Jr were already clocking speeds of 60mph in the rain, 100 mph could be a very real possibility. I'm stoked to see the event at its new location. The new track will be unfamiliar for all drivers and make for an exciting event. Check out Riceboytv.com on Tuesday morning for complete video event coverage. Also peep these videos below for a sneak peek of the track:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Riceboytv Upcoming episode

Mom, look I'm in front of the camera! Wow. Grandma will be very happy to see me in the upcoming Riceboytv episode about certified automobile inspections. My newly purchased Nissan 240sx gets the fine-tooth comb from Aaron Casson aka the Import Car Doctor. Set your digital alarm clocks now to watch the video on www.riceboytv.com when it premieres on June 10, 2008 @ 9am. If you live in So-Cal, check out the Import Car Doctor. Aaron and Hozae are super nice guys, do quality work, and most importantly care way too much about cars. I highly recommend their work and so do most of the crew @ riceboytv.

Now if only Free Gold Watch would blow up- so people would realize this is a super stylish t-shirt. I mean look twice, yes that is a tiger printed in CMYK. That tiger is gigantic.

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