Thursday, June 5, 2008

Riceboytv Upcoming episode

Mom, look I'm in front of the camera! Wow. Grandma will be very happy to see me in the upcoming Riceboytv episode about certified automobile inspections. My newly purchased Nissan 240sx gets the fine-tooth comb from Aaron Casson aka the Import Car Doctor. Set your digital alarm clocks now to watch the video on when it premieres on June 10, 2008 @ 9am. If you live in So-Cal, check out the Import Car Doctor. Aaron and Hozae are super nice guys, do quality work, and most importantly care way too much about cars. I highly recommend their work and so do most of the crew @ riceboytv.

Now if only Free Gold Watch would blow up- so people would realize this is a super stylish t-shirt. I mean look twice, yes that is a tiger printed in CMYK. That tiger is gigantic.

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