Monday, April 28, 2008

Rice Boy TV- Long Beach Grand Prix 2008

Long Beach Grand Prix 2008 from RiceBoyTV on Vimeo. Now available in 720p HD. Grab the embed code and put it up on your blog or site. Check out the Rice Boy TV Vimeo page or if HD isn't your flavor- the Rice Boy TV You Tube Channel- with even more content.

Rice Boy TV is dropping it on the regular. So check out for feature cars, product reviews, all-access event coverage, lifestyle pieces on some of the biggest names in the tuner world, and smoking hot Rice Gurls.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rice Boy Tv Mini Ramp

CJ and I reconstructed the mini ramp on Friday night @ Rice Boy TV. The mini is a 2 and a half footer with a small extension and its super fun. We rejoined the transitions together with a new mid-section. The previous flat had rotted out while the ramp was used outdoors. Now the mini is indoors so we re-coated the 2 layers of ply with some new masonite.

Now I just need to learn how to skateboard. Thanks to Solutions Surf Shop for the great blank deck- can't wait to ride it. Never thought I would end up saying that- considering that I rollerbladed from 7th grade through college.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Fresh Right Now

Seth Wins New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest

"Well, I think that speaks for itself and we can...AGH MEN IN CHAIRS!!!" -Seth

Seth Thomas, in a field of tough one-line competition is victorious over Nick, Francis, and Komicki in the weekly New Yorker Anti-Caption contest on

"Seth's prose looks strong and I expect many more good showings this season" said Will Roegge, also a former Ohio native.

In other feats of freshness, Macworld has posted a DIY cooking list of parts for a Franken Mac. If you want a mid-grade Mac desktop- think the three bears- too cold (iMac) too hot (Mac Pro) and just right (Franken Mac x86) and build a Intel based PC that runs Mac OSX. Oh the possibilities and for not a whole lot of loot ($982.40 MacWorld test). Dork out.


This week's VOW is my Long Beach Grand Prix coverage for Riceboy tv. See also, Will Roegge now works for Riceboy tv. Look at me harnessing the full potential of the interweb by inter-linking.

John "Nads" Naderi, Justin "Junebug" Kaehler, Ricky "RikDaddy" Chu, and Myself tried to take the event by storm, but were slowed in our quest by disinformation, stupidity, and people dressed like sea food. RikDaddy and I worked on the video- so follow this "guide to watch the video of the week" and....

Welcome Race Fans, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (screeching car engine sound fx)

1. Open your web browser
2. In the address bar type the address:
3. Sit back let the flash load
4. Be amazed for a second then remember what you set out to do
5. Click on the "GRAND STANDS" image or use "All Access" then "Front Row>Video
6. Click on "Video"
7. Congratulations you are wacthing the video of the week:

Long Beach Grand Prix Coverage on Rice Boy tv. Shot and Edited by Will Roegge

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Long Beach Grand Prix 2008

April 18-20th is the Long Beach Grand Prix. I am covering the event with the crew @ Rice Boy tv
The photos posted above are from my Canon Digital Rebel and were shot with one hand- I kid, I kid. But seriously the other hand was operating an HD video camera and recording all of the Champ Car, American Le Mans, Formula D, Super Lap Battle, and the Toyota Celebrity Race Action.

If you haven't visited Rice Boy tv- check it out. Its crazy, Nads and Rik Daddy are characters, and the cars we cover are incredible, hot models, and rock solid performance upgrades for your car, and more.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Utah 3.0

Yes, Utah 3.0- This season I have ridden in Utah on three wonderful trips. Mid-April seems like too late to be snowboarding, but not when you have over 500 inches to date. This winter has been incredible for resorts.

First Trip.
My first days were following the 2008 Sundance film festival in January. The powder was fresh both days at the Sundance Resort and at Park City Mountain Resort. Both have unique features. Sundance is isolated and un-crowded. Its perfect for families and has enough bowls to keep advanced riders stoked. I hardly saw other skiers/snowboarders on the trails while I rode there. Park City is the polar opposite. After blowing up following the Winter Olympics as a well known world class resort the place is packed daily. Locals and tons of tourist track up the place on freshies faster then a heroin junkie. You would be lucky to get more than a few decent tracks before all that new snow is beaten into mogal'd mess. In Park City's favor is its massive peaks, back mountain Jupiter, and the Eagle Superpipe.

Second Trip.
Nate and I hit up a two day adventure to the Canyons and Sundance. The Canyons is "Utah's largest resort" by ski-able acreage. It has some great back country access points and varied terrain. Plus some nice varying terrain parks. In Canyons vs Park City, the Canyons would win for being less crowded and just as nice to ride.
Sundance is still cooler than Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Third Trip.
Mid April Pow Pow. Park City for day one. Jupiter back mountain for a few choice runs. Than some fun banked cuts and slashes down some of the North East end of the resort. Day Two was spectacular @ Snowbird
Snowbird is the my favorite resort of 2008. Its out of Park City, which is a plus. Has more challenging runs, higher amount of intermediate, advanced, and expert runs, and it is in a very steep canyon in the Wasatch range. Snowbird rocks. It grooms the right trails and leave you the option of cutting your own path through some nasty terrain- mini cliffs, drops, pine woods, and valleys. They also had a decent small terrain park set up for lil kickers, boxes, and a couple of fun rails.

Overall, get your self to Utah. They do have some of the best Snow on Earth...and a ski season that runs into late May.

VOW- "Time to Pretend"

This week's Video Of the Week is MGMT's "Time to Pretend".

MGMT (pronounced "Management") has been getting some decent airplay on Los Angeles radio stations Indie 103.1 and KROQ 106.7- the video surpasses my wildest expectations. And no doubt the streaming song sounds better than through my antenna-less car FM radio. I will be picking up their album very shortly.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Joshua Tree

D*Rock, BuckNasty, and I went on an overnight backpacking excursion to Joshua Tree National Park. The results are some solid snaps, flashlight writing, free climbing, and more white people then starbucks at 7:30 on a Monday.

In record time I've processed my RAW selects and posted them on my website. I think you will be able to appreciate the stunning geology as much as we did- minus all of the sand we got in our shoes.


VOW- Piece of Me, Piece of You

VOW= Video Of the Week
"Piece of Me, Piece of You" by Three Legged Legs
Song "Fancy Footwork" by Chromeo

What initially caught my attention was the song. The puppetry and visual effects keep it there for the duration and then a few more times.

The spot was created for the Microsoft Zune creative advertising series- Zune Arts.
By the director's collective Three Legged Legs. Check out their other work including the long running "Sprint Light writing"

Get used to the video of the week. When time permits I will sprinkle this blog with some internet video lovin and fill your sweet tooth for all things visually tasty. Until the next Video of the Week- peace.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Job- Rice Boy tv

Rice Boy tv logo

Its crazy to imagine leaving my position at Trifecta Multimedia. Trifecta has given me the opportunity to travel to: South Africa, Argentina, Poland, France, the UK, the Sundance Film Festival and Resort, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, Orlando, Boston, San Francisco, and the Playboy Mansion.

But its time for a challenge.
My friend from Live @ Sundance 2008 Chris Joseph recently started with Rice Boy tv and recruited me to produce, direct, edit, and do motion graphics for the online magazine's video department.

Its time to push my creativity, enter the world of import tuning and racing, and shake things up. Rice Boy tv is the brain child of Ricky Chu and John Naderi former editors from Super Street Magazine. It should be a wild ride.

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