Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Fresh Right Now

Seth Wins New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest

"Well, I think that speaks for itself and we can...AGH MEN IN CHAIRS!!!" -Seth

Seth Thomas, in a field of tough one-line competition is victorious over Nick, Francis, and Komicki in the weekly New Yorker Anti-Caption contest on Radosh.net

"Seth's prose looks strong and I expect many more good showings this season" said Will Roegge, also a former Ohio native.

In other feats of freshness, Macworld has posted a DIY cooking list of parts for a Franken Mac. If you want a mid-grade Mac desktop- think the three bears- too cold (iMac) too hot (Mac Pro) and just right (Franken Mac x86) and build a Intel based PC that runs Mac OSX. Oh the possibilities and for not a whole lot of loot ($982.40 MacWorld test). Dork out.

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