Friday, September 19, 2008

Groovy Drift RC Nationals

Groovy Drift RC Nationals HD from RiceBoyTV on Vimeo.

Formula Drift exposed me to RC drifting. It seemed so simple and trivial compared to the full sized counter part on the track. hmm...I remember when my interest in RC peaked- 9th grade. RC drifting looked lame.

Flash forward to August. Riceboytv tells me that we are going to be covering the RC drift nationals @ Zero One Motorsports. Great. What a waste of a day.

Wrong! RC drifting is down right impressive. Groovy Drift assembles the best RC drivers in the country to compete for the title of national champion. These cars are sick. The bodies have functional headlights, taillights, and turning indicators. ridiculous. They are also powered by high-spooled electric motors and require a great deal of skill to pilot. RC drift car setups are close to real drift cars, its important to: adjust the camber, toe, and tires for different track surfaces. Dialing in the car is just as important as the full sized machines.

I gained a lot of respect for RC drifters at the Groovy drift nationals. These guys are skilled, love what they do, and bring out a good crowd of dedicated drivers. Plus when you tap the wall- it doesn't mean days of labor and thousands of dollars in replacement parts. Plus anyone can do it. Unlike buying a 240 or FC RX-7, RC drift setups are affordable and completely customizable. We saw a few RC cars made up to pay homage to the full sized drift car and their drivers- like Riceboytv's Patrick Mordaunt's Nissan 240sx.

RC drifting is very cool and with any luck I will get my paws on a car sometime in the near future.

Scope the video coverage I shot and edited. Respect RC drifting. I do.

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