Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seattle Road Trip

On August 5th, I left Los Angeles for an 18 hour road trip up to Seattle. I was riding along with Pat Mordaunt and Adrian from BOSO Garage. The drive was split into three segments with each of us taking a leg. The northwest gets far cooler weather than Cali and the clouds are incredible- they remind me of the midwest.

We made it to our hotel by 4pm the next day and were ready to crash. We hit up a family style Asian restaurant in Seattle's Chinatown!? Pretty scrumptious, large family style portions and plenty of comedy.

Thursday was testing and practice runs at Evergreen speedway. Evergreen's big loop and small infield were utilized to make the Formula Drift course. The high speed sweeping bank into a S curve followed by a tight right turn by the infield wall. I rode along with Pat and the transition between the pavement on the bank and infield is harsh. Pat handled the course like a seasoned pro and looked good qualifying first in unseeded qualifying. This is even more impressive considering that its his third time driving the new Braille Nissan 350z. I'm excited to see how the car helps to display his driving skill for the last two rounds of the Formula D 2008 Season.

And if drifting isn't your thing- you could scope the gun & knife or rabbit show that weekend too! Just don't take your new gun to the rabbit show.

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