Monday, August 18, 2008

FD Seattle Blows up

My edit for Formula D Seattle is getting exposure thanks to speedhunters and driftlive. Stoked to see people enjoying the opening montage- because I wanted to try something different. Using the overcranked footage and using an "epic" classical song to slow down the pace but not the intensity of the action- worked for me and I'm excited that others are receptive.

The edit on Speedhunters

The edit on Driftlive

Driftlive, nice new site layout and design. The gray with highlight orange works really well. Fresh update.

In the future, expect more & better. I want to push my creativity and the boundaries of what people get from the coverage I'm responsible for putting together @ riceboytv. The turn-around is time prohibitive, usually 2 editing days before its posted. So in 48 hours, err- less than that- sleep is nice, I have to organize my hours of footage from the weekend's FD event into a 5 minute edit that covers the event. Fans deserve better than that- better then waiting until October to see the Speed Channel program. Anyone with a video camera can record runs and post them on YouTube that night! @ Riceboy we need to split that difference. We have the equipment and the access to shoot high quality footage & the responsibility to the fans to deliver it fresh.

It reminds you why you put the hours in- when people compliment you. thanks!
"he opening montage of this film is absolutely stunning.... wow! Always great to see true audio visual artistry being applied to drifting. Nice work Will Roegge!"
"great video, i agree the opening montage is awesome!"

awesome video will. you're killin it right now!!!"

"Hats off to Will. That intro was nothing short of epic.

"Rice boy tv has amazing coverage of the Fd series. Can’t wait to see the final two events."


G. Chandler said...

You are defiantly putting together great stuff. What type of video equipment are you using?

G. Chandler said...

Sony EX-1, found it in your older post. The slow motion looks great.

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