Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Barrel Jumping

Jumping cones and barrels on ice skates is incredible. I played ice hockey all through school and worked at an ice rink during high school. The most challenging aspect of ice sports is just that- they are on ice. When things were quiet at the rink my friend Chris Stein and I challenged ourselves to learn ridiculous techniques on hockey skates. Shoot the duck, suicide style. I would usually shoot the duck forward- Chris going backwards. Then try to grab each other's extended skate without losing balance, or tripping.

Then there was barrel and cone jumping. Cones and barrels were used at the ice rink to control the flow of skaters around the rink. When the sessions were slow we jumped them. Upright or on their sides. My personal recording for barrel jumping is 15 large cones on their sides or about 16ft. The winner of the 1952 World Barrel Jump contest did well over 28 ft.

Speed skating is a joke.

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