Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 240sx- Enkei RPF1

My project Nissan 240sx is about to have a serious wheel upgrade. Enkei has sponsored the car with a set of RPF1 wheels. The wheels will measure 18x8 in the front and 18x9 in the rear. With the addition of some rubber from Hankook the S14's grip will increase significantly over the stock 16 inch wheels. It will also help to fill up the wheel well and give the car a more aggressive look. The RPF1's are lightweight racing wheels and I was genuinely surprised by the lightweight of the wheel! Pictured above is my 18x9 wheel which will soon have some Hankook tires mounted on it.

Soon enough the Project 240sx will be ready for the track and some time attack events. Just as soon as I take care of the steering and look into some upgraded brakes to help stop the car. Currently the car is running stock single piston 240sx brakes in the front and the rear. When I purchased the car it was setup with larger Q45 calipers and rotors- which used a 2 piston setup. The calipers were in sad shape and were leaking brake fluid like a open faucet. Since they could not be re-build, Ricky Chu and I replaced the brakes with some used stock calipers, new rotors, and pads. Then I pumped the brake pedal as Ricky bled the air out of the lines. Slowly the pedal resumed a stiffer and higher position- from its previous place near the floor!

So far the current improvements that have been made to the project are:
-Magnacor spark plug wires
-New iridium spark plugs
-AEM short ram air intake
-DME cooling panel
-DME test pipe
-NRG Pilota steering wheel
-NRG short hub
-NRG quick release

Check back to riceboytv and my blog for future updates on the project. It will be nice to get some fresh paint, replace the dinged and peeling hood, drilled up trunk lid, and the haggard front bumper with an S15 conversion.

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