Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Relationship in Four Days

NYC + Truffaut on Methamphetamine = My Sundance short film recommendation.

"How can you be a Marxist, you ride first class on airplanes?"
To which Paul replied, "I know, I just wish everyone could".

Rich contrast black and white images make up the scooter "tour de force" of a modern metropolitan relationship. An homage to the cinemaography of the French New Wave the short is exquisitely shot. The dialouge is catchy and the talent as beautiful as a haute couture advertisement. The obtuse scenes are held together with quirky narration and bold titles.
While living in Ohio, I had a similar idea about a male character who passed a woman on the subway each day and imagined the relationship possibilities. A Relationship in Four Days shares the theme and delivers a far more stylish piece than I could have ever imagined.

A Relationship in four Days, Directed and Written by Peter Glanz

Here is the trailer.

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